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October 24, 2012


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  • Mood: Amused
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I am really hating this!!!
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1) What is your favorite memory?
Favorite memory. Haven't u ask me this question before. But if people may know, my favorite memory was the time I used to hag out with my old friend who isn't now. But him and I (were young) we were playing with glow sticks and it was so much fun. It still makes me laugh to this day.^^

2) How far away from your home have you ever been?
I been to Mexico. Well thats like a some thousand miles away.

3) Where would be your dream date spot?
A place with a fountain all light up. Quiet and peaceful. (girly)

5) SSBB or Left for dead?
SSBB. I don't like zomibes

6) what do you like more, Canon or FC?
FC. Which everyone u drag me into.

7) How many FC's or OC's do you have? Count them >:3
NOOOOOO. I have no idea. I think 10 maybe 20. No clue
8) What's your favorite show/movie from your childhood?
Billy and Mandy
9) Do you like Tobuscus? If so, what's your favorite song of his?
:Yes I do. The one about Minecraft sword thingy
10) poyo poyo poyo poyo poyo?
Poya poyo? *wink*

Question time~!!!!!

1) Which one would you like to control?  water   fire  earth   wind

2) Is your best friend older than you?

4) Are you a drawer or write or both

5) Are you really going to do this?

6) Whats your favorite move?

7) Do you play Harvest Moon?

8) Kirby or Meta Knight?

9) King Dedede or a waddle Dee?

10) Did you notice I miss three?

11) Do you feel silly now?

Tagby DarkJadeKnight

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